Reproductive medicine

The examination of a couple with an unfulfilled desire for children is carried out individually and completely. It should initially investigate all important and common causes. Additional examinations for investigation of very specific causes may be advisable on the basis of the initial analysis.
All causes, which impair natural fertility, have a specific treatment. Often a treatment with medication suffices or a minimally invasive operation for correction of an anatomical defect is necessary. It is only if the causes cannot be treated in this way that assisted reproduction becomes a question for consideration.

The investigations we offer include the following:

  • Investigation of the tubal and uterine factor (hysterosalpingography, hysterosonography, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy)
  • Investigation of ovulation and hormones (ultrasound examinations and hormone analyses)
  • Investigation of the cervical factor
  • Investigation of the male factor (1– 2 spermiograms, andrological  examination, “testicular mapping”)
  • Investigation of psychosomatic causes
  • Investigation of specific genetic causes




The treatment options we offer include the following therapies:

Other services offered by our centre include:

  • The preparation of sperm for insemination in your doctor’s practice can be carried out by us.
  • Sperm can be deep frozen prior to a testicular or cancer operation, or prior to chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
  • If there are specific indications, egg cells, zygotes or ovarian tissue, e.g. prior to radiotherapy or chemotherapy, can be deep frozen (“fertility preservation”).