If there is localised anatomical damage to the Fallopian tubes, the uterus and the ovaries in the woman, although also if there is damage to the spermatic duct and epididymis in the man, microsurgery has the highest prospect of success, provided that there are no other infertility factors to take into account as well.

The microsurgical operation procedures that we offer for improvement of fertility include the following:

  • Microsurgical refertilisation following ligation of the Fallopian tubes
  • Microsurgical operations in the event of occlusions or adhesions on Fallopian tubes and ovaries
  • Laser operations in the event of endometriosis
  • Reconstructive operations in the event of diseases or malformations of the uterus
  • Microsurgical vasovasostomy following ligation of the man, refertilisation in the man